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Festival de Almagro: objectives

Objectives of the Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre:

  • Rescue, preserve, praise, revalue, modernize and disseminate the vast heritage of the universal classical theatre of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, with special attention to the Spanish Baroque theatre.
  • Promote the meeting, the exchange of ideas and reflections among creators from all the fields of the performing arts. To this purpose, the Festival organizes the Encuentro de Críticos Teatrales (Meeting of Theatre Critics), the Encuentro Internacional de Blogueros (International Bloggers’ Meeting) and the Encuentro Internacional de Gestores Teatrales (International Meeting of Theatre Managers).
  • Contribute to the creation of new audiences, from children to the elderly, facilitating their approach and encounter with the classics, in any of their various performance and / or staging forms. With this objective the Festival organizes the International Children's Theatre Contest Barroco Infantil and the International Contest Almagro Off.
  • Develop an adequate space for excellence by selecting all kind of productions in a rigorous way in order to present a wide national and international spectrum of the best proposals and also of other ways to approach and delve into the theatre of the Golden Age.
  • Carry out works for and by theatre professionals, both for acclaimed artists and for young professionals, generating an exchange platform to explore new proposals that can bring the theatre of the Golden Age closer to the to modern-day thinking, sensitivity and aesthetics.
  • Pay tribute through the Premio Corral de Comedias, to those acclaimed artists who, given the relevance of their extensive professional career, have contributed and contribute to the projection and the concern for our Baroque theatre.
  • Encourage the development of new performance venues or exhibition spaces, supporting and getting involved in their restoration. To this purpose, the Festival has contributed to the creation and technical endowment of various spaces throughout Almagro such as churches, hermitages, squares or cloisters, both inside and outside the historical centre of the town.
  • Highlight the presence and staging of baroque theatre throughout the world, at the same time as promoting the international role of the Festival, selecting in each of the editions a Guest of Honour Country, which will benefit from a leading representation in the artistic and stage activities with respect to other countries. For instance: India, the Republic of Korea, Italy and Germany have been Guest of Honour Countries in previous editions.